Loans for apartment buildings and multi-family units have much different lending requirements than loans for single-family homes, which means that unless you work with a company that understands those differences and the challenges they can present, your lending process may be destined for frustration and even failure.

Most lenders have very specific underwriting requirements for these types of loans, and that means they also have very specific requirements when it comes to the application and approval processes. Without an experienced mortgage expert at your side, it’s easy to make errors that can wind up derailing your loan process, resulting in costly delays or out-and-out denial of your application.

Network of lenders means
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At Avis Mortgage, we work with developers and investors every day to help them find the loans they need based on their own unique objectives. As experts in the lending industry, we help our clients understand the lending process, beginning with an analysis of each client’s needs. Then, we tap into our network of top-rated lenders who are actively seeking loan applicants just like you, so you can be assured of getting the most competitive rates and terms based on your financial profile and goals.

Whether you’re looking for a loan for new construction or for an existing apartment building or multi-family unit, we can help you get the loan you want without closing delays, and we can provide you with expert help and guidance throughout the process to eliminate hassles and headaches.

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